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Thursday, January 27, 2005 |
wazzup dudes n dudettes..heh..yeahh..got great news for all of ya..1stly i would like 2 thank my parents for giving me a chance to c....CHELSEA WIN~!!!! wOohOoo~! Chelsea won Manchester United in the semi finals of league cup~!! not so much of the league cup..but..its MAN U~!muahahahha..we rock dude..hehe...Chelsea scorers were frank lampard n damien duff..woOohOo..unstoppable..hehe..the score was only 2-1..thx for giving it all man u..u really showed what u cant do..hehehe..okok..i shall b good now.. *grins innocently* ..hehe..oh well..today is thursday..thursday is veryy close 2 friday..n friday i haf 2 show some codings 2 my supervisorr...waRgHh~! okok..don panic mohksin..u can do it~! yeaH! u can!..its been quite sumtym since ive update this..well..ok lar kan..hehe..at least update per..hehe..uHh..i feel spiritually low..i guess ive been lacking of spiritual inputs lately..well..mayb 2nyt since danial da ajak..ill follow him 2 baalwie..hehe..this shall b my 1st trip there..n hopefully not the last either..=D hmm...been tinkin bout her..but i guess i shouldnt..hehehe..my hopes r very slim..but yeah..i dun care abt myself..soo..if shes happy...ill b happy for her..=) k la..lets stop this..hehe..i need 2 do my codings.help help!! hehe..adios amigos..jaane!!(dats bye in korean) =D
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 11:51 am