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Which wonders of Allah's power, will you deny?
Tuesday, August 05, 2008 |
In his tape, ‘Sifat al-Hayaa’, Shaykh Muhammad Hassan* mentions an incredible incident which happened to him when he went to Makkah - a great story of conviction, certainty and firm belief in Allah. He says:

“Let me mention the story of one of our elders from Dumyat (area in north Egypt). This was a man afflicted with paralysis and he travelled to London, France, and America, and the doctors took every measure possible but were unable to cure him. This noble man then left to go to the Sacred House of Allah (Makkah). He took a promise from his sons (that they would help him) and so they carried him, entered him into the haram whilst he was in his wheelchair & drew him closer to the Ka’bah - though he had been paralysed for years.

In Makkah he spoke to me about this, he said ‘Wallahi Shaykh Muhammad, I didn’t call upon Allah except with this one du’aa.’ I asked, ‘What did you say?’ He said, ‘By Allah! I am not going to leave Your House except upon my two feet or in a coffin.’ Wallahi, I didn’t say anymore than that - I (repeated it and) started to scream it out and weep so much until a very painful headache overwhelmed me and sleep overtook me. So I slept in my wheelchair. In my sleep, I heard a caller in my right ear shouting to me saying, ‘Get up and walk! Get up and walk!’ So I awoke, got up and walked towards the Ka’bah when I suddenly remembered my paralysis!

So I screamed ‘O King of Kings! Wallahi You do not fail the one who turns to You.’

One of the righteous used to say, “By Allah, I do not know which two blessings I should be thankful for: Sins which my Lord has hidden for me and He has not humiliated me with it in front of his creation such that they ridicule me, or should I thank Allah for the love and affection which He has put in the hearts of His servants for me, for which my deeds have not reached nor attained.”

* [True story of a paralysed man who started to walk once more after making du’a in the Haram - related by Shaykh Muhammad Hassaan in his audio tape, Sifat al-Hayaa’]

posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 9:09 am


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