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Le Grand Voyage
Sunday, October 16, 2005 |
Le Grand Voyage, is a movie about a young man name, Reda together with his father on a journey to Mecca. Sounds common? Not at all. In this movie, the father and son belong to a culture where communication between father and son is difficult, if not impossible.

Reda found himself forced to drive his father from the south of France to Mecca as his father hates to fly.

According to an interview with Nicolas Cazale who plays the role of Reda, he cried after reading the script. SubhanAllah=)

The movie had experienced many other miracles. One of it was one night, the director wanted to shoot a moon crescent but it happened to a full moon that night. As he was about to shoot, a cloud came out and drew a wonderful crescent shape on the moon!

After reading through the interviews, I personally find it interesting and of course worth watching! The making of the movie itself is worth telling!

Oh, did i mention the movie won The Best First Film from Venice Film Festival? Yes, it did=)

So guys and gals, watch out for it. It will be in French though but theres always the subtitle=) Stop Piracy! Buy Original=D Support them!
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 2:40 pm