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Food, Taste & Hunger
Sunday, August 02, 2009 |

A video for US to PONDER on how fortunate we are and ACT so that we can at least be fair(=
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 9:46 am


  • At 4:15 pm , Blogger Haz Izian said...

    As much as I want to sympathise *yeah, i put this up too on my FB not long ago*, I don't understand why they would scavenge for KFC and pasta. these are kampung people, can't grow own food meh? and why do they go for fast food? would leftover rice be more healthy and fulfilling? that part doesnt make sense. somehow felt like an propaganda behind the filming. =p

    on that note, i'm even more pissed that the government don't wanna come in to teach them how to farm. let alone fix an irrigation system for them during dry seasons. this is from philippines. i'm sure there's farmers all over.


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