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Life is short...
Sunday, January 15, 2006 |
Peace All! yesterday was rather unexpected. Everything was decided spontaneously. I didnt have any plans at first, just running some errands with mummy. Halfway thru the day i remembered Aishah burger(khekhekhekhe) invited fityan Ghufran for her family's house warming @ her place of course. I called Asrul 2 ask if he is goin. I got a shock when he said ustaz Jamaludin's grandma passed away earlier dat day. Innanillahi wa innailaihi rajiun.Huhu.the sad thing is no one told me earlier!! I could have joined them 2 perform the sholat jenazah. gRrrr..FYI, ustaz Jamal is Masjid Ghufran's Imam Executive.

Faizal n i decided 2 meet up @ aishah's place after asar den after maghrib to ust Jamal's tahlil.

When i received the msg to ust Jamal's tahlil, i was taken aback by pondering how short life is and someday, we will get 'there'. But what worries me most, am i prepared to face Him? The One who owns everything. The One who has been giving me everything. The One, without Him, i am nothing. *sobs*..Oh, Allah...plz remind me when i forget, plz correct me when im wrong, plz forgive me when i sin.

I was amazed by ustaz Jamal's calmness. After tahlil, he shared a tazkirah on giving our deeds to the dead. He could even inject a little bit of humor in it! Ustaz Jamal Rocks! InsyaAllah, with him around to lead fityan ghufran, we will become better vicegerents!(khalifahs).

Over at my camp, Civil Defence Academy, it is located righttt beside the Muslims Cemetery. I will usually take a look when there is toilet break during training as the toilet is right across the cemetery separated by a narrow rd and also fences of course. Being a Muslim, we r encourage to be reminded that life is short so that we will not get too carried away with what this busy world drowning us in.

May all of us Muslims, constantly remind one another of the duties that we r supposed to carry out and may our sincere little deeds be accepted by Allah and may we attain the GREATEST Love no one else can give....

Allahu 'alam...
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 12:09 pm