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Back to Basics...
Wednesday, March 08, 2006 |
hola everyone! peace ya'll! its been a great 14days course by Outward Bound Singapore and Brunei. May i share a little about my trip.

To begin with, i was excited to get away from CDA! haha..yeah..wat a bad officer 2 b huh.hehe..but hey! who doesnt need a break? One thing i can definitely say..time sure flies by..fuh! its been 3 mths already??!! 1/3 thru the course. I will sure miss the times we've spent back @ outward bound. From the Tock Seng(my group/watch name) warriors to the instructors to our 36th BOC!

Outward Bound's rule of the thumb.......BACK TO BASICS.yupz, that is how i describe it.they will psyche u up so that u will let go of everything back on mainland and focus on the job at hand.

Our daily routine was to report @ 5.55am for flag raising. after that, we had our morning 2.4km run and then the 5 basic exercises better known as 5bx. Not forgetting the best part was....the jetty jump aka the morning dip..hehe..this is where u put on ur life vest and jump inside the cold morning sea water..bRrr~~..but great! its a wake up call for most of us=D

I find outward bound very fascinating. Most of the things they promote are all universal values which means Islamic values! things like being responsible, being on time, taking care of one another, selflessness, appreciating the small things in life we often take for granted. SubhanAllah!

even though it was my 3rd time @ outward bound singapore, every xperience is a new one. This time, we get to sail the cutter(sail boat)!! weeeheee..it was a 3days 2nights xpedition. we even slept on the cutter on the 2nd night.it was a great xperience.Once in a lifetime xperience.

that sunday morning, we packed up and move off to changi airport for our morning flight to brunei. met up with mummy n daddy n mummy's comment was "ehhh..gelap nyer sennn..."...khekekhkehkehe..and so..that was it..we flew off to brunei on a 2hr journey on board SIA..

The sight of OBBD, Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam was breath taking! The smell of fresh air, the sight of greens and sound of the river flowing was fantastic!!! im sure u guyz r trying to picture it right? yeah,it is as peaceful as u think it is. Nothing beats Allah's natural creation. @ brunei, things were more or less very calm. not much of a rush unlike ubin. The instructors there were very calm and composed.

We did some interesting activities for the 1st 2 days there. we learned the traversing across the river skill and also introduction to a helicopter evacuation! i was one of the few lucky ones who got winched! hehehe.yeah.i was practically dangling in mid air for a moment.heh.

well...this is where i stop for now...=D
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 5:56 am