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frank comments from my coursemates.
Monday, September 04, 2006 |
Towards the end of our 9mths course, we were supposed to do a peer appraisal evaluation. Its a secret. So nobody knows who commented what=D and this is what they say abt me.

Section III: Course Mates' Comments

Please describe three strengths of the participants

Always giving his best in whatever he is tasked to do
He is very consistent and willing to do jobs to hit best.
Responsible and helpful. Never say die.
Respectable and Responsible guy
Motivated to excel, motivates others
Very driven. Has a positive mindset.
Ability to lead in exercises and other situations
Never say die attitude, he strives to do his best giving 110% of his efforts
Responsible, Friendly
Encourages people to strive for the best.
He is a role model to others cadet course he taken prides and puts his best efforts in the course
Has good leadership qualities
Remain calm in difficult situations
Very determined to get things done.
Very Responsible
Sticks to his beliefs and does things the right way.

Please describe three areas where the participant could develop further and suggest ways the participant could use to improve

Tend not to convey his message well, others may not understand what he wants.
Strives too hard sometimes, should know when to stop especially in physical training.
Quiet. Should speak up more to get himself noticed.
Be more confident in his abilities.
Be more street smart.
Communicate more with other peers.
Open up more to people's views bro
Try doing things "a little wrong" or do not follow the rules to much.
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 11:41 pm


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