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MTV..? mandai training village lar.
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 |
Today is my 3rd day at work.I slpt at camp the night before. I tink its alot better staying in than to go back home. When im there, i slp early and so having enough rest. and everytime i go home, i get bz..and in the end i sleep late-_- ive decided to stay in the wk xcept on wed from nxt wk onwards. If u guyz have anything for me ONLINE, can c me on wednesdays=D on other days, give me a call or sms k.

As usual,i make my way to the office at abt 7.30am. After checking my emails, and clearing my table a lil,6 of my men came in to report sick! SIX out of 26..wat the G@%((T%(@%&%@(!!!!! i NEVER doubted any1 reporting sick but THIS is TOO MUCH! i couldnt handle it, so i asked the DI(Duty Instructor) to handle it. Some were complainin like cuts and cramps and headaches! ok, i am NOT suppose to b judging BUT is this what a firefighter is like? if they r,i wouldnt feel safe in their hands.sheesh.when they left to report sick,i could feel my temper rising.now, i feel like i can treat them they way they should!*MUAHAHAHAHA* *EVIL* i dunno mann...the other commanders told me not to b nice to them. If im nice, they will b like crawlin all over my head.*Dilemma*

I gave them a piece of my mind just now. I really hope it gets to their head. Firefighters are supposed 2 b the toughest men around PHYSICALLY.

Training at MTV was slack. hmm..oh well. These guys r into their 8wks of training already. I dont think i can do much but just supervise.hope to start a new when the new batch comes.

im tired now, gd night -_-zzZz
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 10:13 pm


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