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Fire Fighting Training Wing
Saturday, October 07, 2006 |
Salam all! da lama gak eh tk update..hehe..been bz la.plenty 2 say..tapi mcm malas sket..hee..juz a lil bit la for now.

yea.my new posting! FFTW.it is officially 8-5.30 working hrs but the workload is NEVER just that! huhu.Every morning, you are suppose 2 ensure that training starts EXACTLY at 8am or elseeeeeee, ur head will b on the chopping board-_-" (its pretty normal for Rota Commanders like us get our heads on the chopping board). and soo..wat time i have 2 b in camp?? 7.30am. and for me who's stayin @ tampines and to travel to jalan bahar the other end of singapore, i have to leave home at about 6.30. i tink starting work early is not really a problem. the challenge what time work ends everyday..

Basically you r xpected 2 stick around with ur rota(rotation mcm platoon gitu) from 8am to the end of training 5.30pm. and what awaits u issss paper work! yay! isnt that great? heeeeehhhh..-_-" ni yg part lengit. balik ofis ajer, read emails, mark papers, SET papers, attend to MCs, complains and also ur firefighters' requests. quite a handful 2 handle. *phew* and after attending to all those things, it would already b abt 9pm++..and its time 2 go home.imagine doing that for another year=O im gonna be bald man..now YOU guyz noe why we people are the highest paid NSF.heh..if dzar was reading this, he would say "ouhh u lucky brat" but nooo..he doesnt understand the stuffs we have 2 do..booo..

i miss being free 2 do anything that i want. i guess age is catching up. Responsibilities are piling up. i am growing up. dats life..cope with it..or lose out=)

ramadhan is everyone's favourite mth..mine too..this yr, i feel at lost. i wasnt prepared for the mth.and frm the 1st day til now, im very much contained with my firefighters..i believe its an amanah too to groom them. i am very much torn btwn both and 2 juggle my priority, its sooooo difficult. All the more, i need ur doa guyz and gals reading this! ku mengharapkan ramadhan ini lagi baik dari ramadhan yg lepas!
posted by Mohksin Rashid @ 11:59 am


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